Bloemfontein attorney preparing the youth

Thamsanqa Xaba wants to reach out to the youth of Bloemfontein.

The 33-year-old attorney, Thamsanqa Xaba, is out to prepare future lawyers and attorneys after his long journey to become one of the city’s best.

According to Xaba, moving forward in his career, he is leaning to affiliate himself with foundations and organisations that primarily conduct outreaches to high school children, “so as to motivate them and make them understand the term ‘attorney’ is not linked to glamour but to responsibility, ethical behaviour and hard work and the mind-set to a career must be conditioned at a tertiary level.”

His journey started in 2005 when he started his studies in the University of Pretoria. In his third year of studies, he applied for admission at Unisa to complete his LLB degree.
“At the moment I try to encourage young people I come into contact with. I also wish to probe their vision and mission as students and speak words of encouragement to them at each opportune occasion,” said Xaba.

According to him, during his years of studying, giving up was never an option. His desire for this profession was deeply sown and became rooted from the age of about 12. Even though it took him 12 years to complete his LLB, as soon as he had obtained it, he was admitted as an attorney and in less than a year became a director at Claude Reid Attorneys.

Xaba’s advice to the youth is, if you want to be the best in your field, you must first identify the Lord’s destiny for you. “Once you locate that, when working in your profession, it becomes a joy. You are set apart because you are not working for money or accolades but for something inherently intertwined with your sense of identity,” he said.

Xaba added the reason for him taking so long to become qualified is because he had to study while doing his articles. He had to take a few modules every semester and split them over a long time. He was also paying his own fees and was not able to take a lot of modules at once.

If the youth of Bloemfontein need any advice or guidance, they can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn as Thami Xaba.