Bloemfontein artist inspires with new release

Kenny Mc’Vital with Emtee. Photo: Vuyisile PK Motsamai.

The 22-year-old from Bloemfontein, Tshiamo Kenneth Oliphant who goes by the name Kenny Mc’Vital, has recently released a song called “Kunzima Remix”, with rapper Emtee, under the King B Entertainment record label.

Mc’Vital said the title is to inspire people who have lost their parents not to give up in life. Although he has not lost his own parents, the thought of losing them, breaks his heart. This year will be Mc’Vital’s seventh in the music industry.

He told Bloemfontein Courant he has been trying to get Emtee to make a song with him for over five years. “Emtee has always been my inspiration when it comes to music because of the stories he tells with his music.” Mc’Vital said, growing up he wanted to be something that his parents wished for him and that was being a pilot, but over time he started falling in love with music.

He explained that the first part of his stage name, Kenny, comes from his second name “Kenneth”, while he used Vital because when in grade 8 he told himself that he would never allow himself to be bullied again. He used to be bullied most of the time in primary school. “Vital means important. In primary school no one regarded me as important but when I got to high school, I told myself I would regard myself as important and everyone will start seeing me in that way.”

Mc’Vital explained that music was the only thing that could make him happy when other children bullied him. He also believes that through music he will be able to heal and save people who have been in similar situations. He told the paper that when in high school he used to sing other people’s songs, doing beats on the tables and his schoolmates really enjoyed that.

“I would take dropping out of university for music as my worst decision because my mother had to pay back the money I had already spent on books and food. However, I do not regret it as I am elevating and I pray God keeps her until I reach the peak of my career.” Mc’Vital added that he will always choose God over everything because He always comes through for him. “More than anything, I appreciate the support people are giving me; it means the world to me.”

Corn Koteli