Bloem SPCA rehabilitates endangered bird

Werner Botha, an inspector at the SPCA preparing to feed Markai, the African Grey Bird. PHOTO: Bonolo Moloi

Bloemfontein SPCA recently freed an African Grey parrot that was left without care for weeks at a local panel beater.

Markai, formerly known as Steven, was found on top of a car in Phase 4 by the inspectors after receiving an anonymous complaint. According to Werner Botha, an inspector at the SPCA, the tail feathers of the bird seemed to have been plucked by the previous owners.

“The pattern in which the feathers were plucked, seems to indicate that the owners may have plucked them out themselves.” The parrot was found in a cage that was not designed for a bird of his size. “His cage was very filthy, filled with faeces and you could tell it was not being fed properly, upon further investigation.”

Markai the rescued African grey parrot. PHOTO: Bonolo Moloi

Botha said they are currently working to prosecute the owner. He further urges the public that they should be their eyes and ears and report any animal cruelty they see in their areas. They will come and investigate the matter further.

The bird is set to be transported to the Birds of Eden animal sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay. The Bloemfontein SPCA also runs some projects to help educate members of the community on how to take better care of their animals.

“Cruelty is not always the intent of the owners, it is just at times a lack of education on how to take care of your animals. We help bust some of the common myths as best as we can to equip those, especially in informal settlements, on how to care for their pets.”

Please contact the Bloemfontein SPCA if you want to help raise funds to get Markai to the bird sanctuary or assist with donations for the other animals in their care.

Contact details are: 051 447 3801 or

Bonolo Moloi