Bloem residents on Madiba’s death



Bloemfontein businessman Livo Mthembu says he has never seen South African television make that kind of interruption by President Jacob Zuma. He says he immediately knew that something big was going to be announced.
Zuma announced to the nation that world-wide struggle-icon Nelson Mandela died on Thursday. Mthembu is one of SA citizens who is still in shock by Madiba’s death. He says there is no bigger person than Madiba and though it is a sad moment, it was also expected to happen.
Speaking to Courant after Zuma’s announcement, Mthembu says Madiba has done enough for the country and he will celebrate his passing by valuing the freedom he fought for.
“I love life at the moment and it doesn’t matter what is going on around me. There are a lot of things happening around us but I still love life and my country. It is obvious that it is because of him. We all owe our lives to him. I’m also proud to be black,” he says.