Bloem artists reaching out to greater Africa

Founders of The Ahadi Experience Michael Rumbi and Malcolm Mokgosi. PHOTO: Bonolo Moloi

Following their success at the 2022 National Arts Festival, The Ahadi Experience is headed to Accra, Ghana, for The Chale Wote Street Arts Festival, showcasing a local band called BasicCity.

Founded by Michael Rumbi and Malcolm Mokgosi, the creative hub has had an opportunity to put Bloemfontein creatives on a greater African stage. “We applied for the Chale Wote Street Arts Festival just like we had to for the National Arts Festival, and we’re the only band selected from South Africa,” said Mokgosi.

Formerly known as Ahadi Sessions, Ahadi Experience is focused on community rather than competition by offering artists a collaborative platform for exposure and skills to help better themselves.

Aligned with their initiative, they are planning on going to Kenya in November for a cultural capital showcase. “We’re doing a two-day experience there. Despite now living in South Africa, Kenya is home for me, so I have some amazing artists lined up from there and we want to create a joint community. We want to showcase the beauty of being African, and being one people despite being from different places,” said Rumbi.

Unlike with Ghana, they plan on taking all the creatives they have to Kenya as it is an event organized by them. “Kenya everyone goes. We have five artists we are very confident we will be taking to Kenya, and among those are vocalist Bokang and the band 3LB.”

The duo is currently focused on raising funds for these exciting opportunities and is calling on people to help them make these plans a reality.

“We have a proposal asking for funding. We are also hosting a series of events to raise the money. One such event will be hosted on Saturday, 30 July. It will be a ‘get to know your artist’ event. The host will ask a series of questions and those in attendance will also have an opportunity to ask the artists some questions.”

If you would like to find out more about any upcoming Ahadi Experience events or you would like to help sponsor them, follow BasicCity01 on all social media platforms.

Bonolo Moloi