Sunday, April 11, 2021

Reinventing Black Friday

The biggest sales event of the year is here! And we want you to get the best for your buck with a few sought after tips!

With the year we’ve had, we can all do with a bargain or two. On November 27 you will get exactly that when South Africa participates in Black Friday – an annual international celebration of super savings. On this day, goods and service providers give consumers mega-value for their hard earned rand. Caxton Local Media arms you with information you need to make the most of this year’s saving opportunities.

1. Planning is key

With specials running for a limited time, you will have to know what you’re looking for and where to find it from the get-go. Keep your eyes on print and digital media advertisements and compare product prices to identify the best deals.

2. Make use of extended Black Friday periods

Be sure to ask goods and service providers about the duration of their Black Friday specials. Massmart’s senior vice-president: group corporate affairs, Brian Leroni, said, “Game and Makro will be running Black Friday deals throughout the month of November, starting on November 2 and finishing on November 29. These deals will run for the week in which they are announced and will not be offered again, so we encourage shoppers to take advantage of these deals in the week in which they break”.

3.  Queueing not your thing? Shop online!

South Africans have been shopping online like never before this year. This is according to data released by Mobicred in June. Retailers are ready to accommodate this trend on Black Friday as well.

“We have also prioritised online and have invested further in ensuring systems stability, online stock availability and better order fulfilment,” Leroni indicated.

Now get out there and enjoy it!

MORE tips
for Black Friday

Social distancing & sanitisation

Black Friday is usually associated with large crowds of people barging into stores to grab specials off the shelves. Whereas social distancing would normally be the farthest thing from a shopper’s mind on this day, this year will be different. Covid-19 remains a threat and shoppers will have to sanitise and practice social distancing.

Shop local

This year has been tough on business everywhere. When you buy locally produced goods or spend money on local services, you are investing in your community and South Africa. Together, our purchases make a difference and strengthen our economy.

Our last two cents for the big day

Go out there and benefit from what Black Friday 2020 has to offer. As with all things, ensure that you balance your spending with your earnings and savings. Stick to your planning and avoid getting yourself into financial trouble while enjoying this once-a-year opportunity. Buying only what you need, do not go overboard on gifts and spend your time and money wisely.

FUN facts

Massmart has been researching Black Friday 2020 extensively January this year. The group is powered by Walmart and owns South African brands like Game, Makro and Builder’s Warehouse. Its research is driven by what customers value and indicates that:

  • Game and Makro are South Africa’s most popular Black Friday shopping estimations.
  • A whopping R100 million in savings will be generated for Massmart customers on electronics and appliance sales alone!
  • Although Covid-19 has disrupted supply chains all over, this has resulted in the ability of Massmart to secure hard-to-get stock, thereby increasing availability during Black Friday.