Birding Big Day at Ingula

Birdwatchers spotting the species on offer at the nature reserve. Photo: Supplied.

Around twenty local bird-lovers set off to explore the Ingula Nature Reserve in Ladysmith to record as many bird species as they could during the Ingula Birding Big Day this past Saturday.

In just under eight hours 126 species were recorded. The most important of these being the Wattled Crane – one of South African’s critically endangered species.

Their presence is an indicator that the grassland and wetlands in Eskom’s care at Ingula are in a good condition. The resident breeding pair at the nature reserve successfully raised a chick this season.

This is due to the fact that Ingula has an amazing diversity of bird species that it was decided that an Ingula Birding Big Day (BBD) be held.

The “actual” BBD is an annual BirdLife South Africa event where bird watchers from all over the country drive around feverishly counting as many bird species as they can find.

All the information is then fed into the national database. This event will be held this coming Saturday on 26 November 2016.

A delighted first time participant, Delene Niewenhuis from Bergville thought it was quite a privilege to be allowed to explore the beauty the nature reserve has to offer.

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