Bfn woman gets second chance at life

Tessa Muller, who was in a car accident this past weekend.

The founder of The PropheTezz youth foundation, Tessa Muller, was involved in a car accident on the N8 this past Friday. According to Muller, she was a passenger in the vehicle and cannot really remember much of the incident. She explained to Bloemfontein Courant that she remembers them driving perfectly fine and seconds after the car hit either a pole or a robot.

“I felt the vehicle going off balance and in an effort to stay in my seat, I placed my hands on the dashboard. The vehicle flipped several times until it landed back on its wheels.  While it was happening, I wished the entire time that the next bump would not be as bad as the previous one,” she said.

The place where the accident took place on Friday evening.

Muller added that she had landed outside the vehicle and at first had no idea where she was or what had happened. She explained that when she regained consciousness she was in deep shock and that it was hard for her to breathe. She said that she was left sitting in a hunched position with her one arm over the car’s tyre.

“I heard someone talking in the distance and then I saw a tall guy standing next to me.  He was talking, but I could not make sense of what he was saying.  I remember he had my phone in his hand.  He asked for my name and told me he had phoned the ambulance.”

The man asked Muller for the password to  her phone and he just randomly picked people on the phone list and contacted them. He managed to get hold of someone who could get in touch with her parents, who arrived later at the hospital.

She said that physically it has been an extremely tough three days for her as the pain is unbearable.

“I am a single mom and have school-going children whom I transport to school but because of my broken shoulder and back injuries, I will not be allowed to drive for four weeks.”

She said there is also some emotional strain contacted to being in an accident, as she now has no appetite and blames herself for various reasons. Then also, there are the nightmares.

However, she concluded that now when she looks at the photos of the scene, she realises that she is highly blessed and favoured as things could have turned out so differently.

Sazly Hartzenberg