Bfn teen launches cosmetic line

Botle Mokebe

The 17-year-old Botle Mokebe is slowly turning her dream of owning her own cosmetic line into a reality after launching her own handmade lip gloss line named Balla Lips. The Eunice High School learner started her business venture during the start of the national lockdown in October 2020 when she had “plenty of time to think”.

According to Mokebe, she had this crazy idea of starting a cosmetics line from scratch. “I spoke to a few friends about it and they told me I was crazy and that it was never going to work. My friends not believing in me, made me want to do it more so I approached my dad for funding to help get me off the ground and I eventually fell in love with making lip gloss,” said Mokebe.

She then successfully established Balla Lips, an organic, animal cruelty-free, vegan- and gluten-free lip gloss. “With every lip gloss I make, I add a drop of love,” added Mokebe. Although she orders her base and packaging such as tubes and wands from a supplier, Mokebe makes her lip gloss mixture from scratch at home.

“I launched this cosmetics line and I am extremely happy with my products and how it turned out. I hope all my current customers and future customers feel the same way. I also aim to make my customers fall in love with this lip gloss the same way I fell in love with it,” Mokebe concluded.

To order your Bella Lips lip gloss, contact 078 996 5902 or send an email to or visit

Her cosmetics line Balla Lips

Pierce van Heerden