BFN taxi fare not increasing yet says GBTA


According to the Greater Bloemfontein Taxi Association (GTBA), local taxi fares in Bloemfontein will not be increasing by R5. GTBA Secretary, Coach Mpotsane, said they are the only taxi association in the city and thus they determine their tariffs.

Bloemfontein Courant previously spoke to Santaco Provincial Chairperson of the Free State, Morena Mthimkulu, who mentioned a R5 increase being on the cards and it coming into effect on 1 August.

“When there is any planned taxi fare increase, members of the taxi association come together to determine whether the taxi fare should increase or not. Then, when we reach an agreement, we inform the community a month or two before the planned increase. At the moment, there will be no taxi fare increase. We have to meet as GBTA members before that can happen.”

Mpotane said that although they are affiliates of Santaco, the national taxi association does not determine their tariff hikes for them. “The taxi fare increases coming into effect today are only of the towns outside of Bloemfontein and not of the city itself. We will first sit down with commuters and drivers to discuss the matter.”

According to The Citizen, Santaco spokesperson, Thabisho Molelekwa, said in a statement the “increase for a local trip will be between R1 to R10 and up to R20 for a long-distance trip”. Molelekwa said the increases followed months of fuel price hikes and a levy increase and will be reviewed in June next year.

Mthimkulu could not be reached for further comment. – Molebogeng Malebo