Bfn suburb survives fire scare

Riaan Coetzee

The area of Kelly’s View, a few kilometres outside Bloemfontein, has survived a fire scare.

The fire broke out on Monday afternoon and spread across the small fields and in the process caused panic and fear, OFM News reports.

A resident and also a mentor of JMC Technical Training operating in the area, Riaan Coetzee, says he and his brother had just been informed of a fire in a different area only to notice a blaze of fire nearby just few minutes later.

Coetzee they were overwhelmed with joy and pride when ordinary people flocked to the area and worked together to put out the fire – stopping it from damaging any property.

The firefighters were also spotted leaving the area following the fire scare. The cause of the fire remains unknown, but it’s suspected it might have been caused by children who were playing with matches.

OFM News/Lucky Nkuyane and Kekeletso Mosebetsi