Bfn serial house robber nabbed


A serial house robber was recently apprehended in Universitas in Bloemfontein. This after a house robbery left one occupant with a bullet wound while another was cut by flying glass. The incident took place on 5 January and the suspect was arrested in Boersma Street in the area.

Fidelity ADT followed up on a panic alarm activation around 20:31 when on-duty-officer Miya arrived at the house where the suspect had gained access through an unlocked gate.

According to Fidelity ADT, the suspect then proceeded to the front of the house where he found a woman braaing outside while others were inside the house. He accosted the woman and demanded her cell phone, whereupon she than ran into the house and was followed by the suspect.

A scuffle broke out between the suspect and the occupants in the house, which led to a shot being fired. A student, who was among the occupants, was wounded in the leg by the gunshot and another one was cut by flying glass. The occupants managed to successfully disarm the suspect until help could arrive.

Officer Miya called an ambulance and both victims were taken to hospital for treatment. The suspect, who had also sustained injuries, was handed over to Park Road SAPS and taken to Pelonomi Hospital for treatment.

“When socialising at home, bear in mind, as much as the spread of the Coronavirus is a threat, residential crime remains a very real threat too. In our experience, criminals will take an opportunity where they see one,” said Robin Goveia, branch manager at Fidelity ADT, who urged residents to be security conscious when entertaining at home.

Pierce van Heerden