BFN school Adopts a Cop



Castle Bridge School in Bloemfontein is the first in the city to take on the Adopt-A-Cop programme. The national programme is set to allocate policemen and women to specific schools to ensure learners are cared for and educated about the dangers of drug use and crime.

During the official announcement and presentation held at the school today, Deputy Provincial Commissioner Crime Detection, Tholie Afonso, says casual-dressed (not in uniform) detectives also have a role to play in the safeguarding of communities, as well as educating the school children about the dangers of crime and drugs.

"The provincial detectives decided that they are going to be part of Adopt- A-Cop of this province. This will be the first school to be adopted by provincial detectives, our role being just to show the communities and the school children that the detectives also have a role to play. And in the reaction of crime we are not just reactive but preventative.

Learners from Grades 8 – 12 were given talks on the dangers of drug abuse and criminal activities. The National Crime Stop team was also present to speak to the learners at the school.