BFN resident launches book on mental health

Nyakallo Matsoso, will be launching her first ever book, titled "Someone in my head", in Bloemfontein this morning. PHOTO: Pierce van Heerden

This morning, Bloemfontein resident, Nyakallo Matsoso, will be launching her first ever book, titled “Someone in my head”.

Matsoso explained to Bloemfontein Courant that the book was written in the hope of bringing awareness to mental health problems and to educate people about it.
She says that in the 22 years that she has been in the profession, working at the FS Psychiatric Complex among others, she has encountered many individuals as well as their families who are sceptical about mental health.

“Many believe that mental illness is a punishment from the ancestors for denying to practice their gift, or they believe that it is witchcraft. I feel that this denied many of them the opportunity to seek treatment,” she said.

She said that, the different chapters in the book bring forth real life scenarios, as she spoke to students who are doing very well at university and professionals who are living their lives to the fullest, just to show people that with the right treatment they can still live full lives. She further said that the first chapter explains mental health and what it is. It also covers a few diagnoses, their symptoms as well as the treatments.

At the launch this morning, Matsoso will speak on how she came about the title of the book and explain the different approaches that can be taken to assist people with mental health disorders. She will also launch the Audiobook for those individuals who would rather listen to the book instead of reading. Those who are interested in getting a copy of “Someone in ny head” can contact her on 082 815 4413.

Sazly Hartzenberg