Bfn NGOs gear up for winter

Various NGOs in the city are preparing for winter. PHOTO: STREET STORE BFN

As the colder months are fast approaching, Bloemfontein Courant reached out to a few local, non-profit organisations to get some insight on how they are gearing up to take care of those who may need a little extra help this winter.

Engo Free State’s Madelein Krüger said that they are in need of toiletries, secondhand warm clothing in good condition, shoes and household items, as well as safe placement options for children in their care.

Madelein Krüger from Engo Free State. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“The community can get involved by being willing to be screened and trained to act as temporary safe care or foster parents. Community members can contact our office at 051-522-6914 for more information.”

Marita van Kraayenburg, manager at Kidz Care Trust in Bloemfontein, highlighted that they are unable to accommodate everyone at their center located in Roodewal due to limited space. They are currently looking for a space to rent in or near the CBD, Willows or Brandwag to further their ground work.

Marita van Kraayenburg from Kidz Care Trust. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“The community is welcome to donate food, warm clothes and blankets as well as toiletries and cleaning materials. We want to transfer as much skills as possible to the boys in our care to prepare them for their future… We use the house and garden chores at our centre to teach the boys how to take care of their environment. Volunteers to teach these skills are much needed.”

The Street Store project coordinator, Marnelle Prinsloo, told the publication that partnerships between various entities for this initiative aim to provide the less fortunate with an opportunity to “shop” for pre-loved on 18 May.

Marnelle Prinsloo from The Street Store. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“We need clothing, especially jackets, kids clothing and small (size 28-32) men’s trousers. They can also help by donating clothes or one of the following items since we also feed each shopper on the day – tomato relish cans, long-life milk, sugar, coffee, and tea. We also need 2500 hot dog buns and Viennas.”

Omphile Gift director at the Greater Thaba Nchu Rural Youth Development said the programme fosters generic development in rural areas. “We have started a clothing bank where we collect second hand clothes from people who don’t need them. We renew them, and distribute to people in need. We collect bread that is nearing the best before date and distribute sandwiches as part of our poverty eradication day-to-day programme.”

Bloemshelter manager, Heidi Morgan, expressed that the shelter is a home for women and children who are homeless as a result of domestic and/or gender-based trauma.

Heidi Morgan from Bloemshelter. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“To do this we need to address basic needs, but I help with emotional wellbeing, and encourage participation in society. Our ongoing needs are toiletries, we’re currently focused on collecting toilet paper and deodorant for the ladies. We are also in dire need of beds. We would like to replace 24 of them.”

If you would like to assist either of these organisations, get in touch:

Bloemshelter: 079-394-0142

Engo Free State: 051-522-6914

Kidz Care Trust: 078-460-6308

The Street Store: 079-181-4567

Greater Thaba Nchu Rural Youth Development: 069-663-0765

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