BFN learners on their way to Germany



Two Bloemfontein learners will soon swap their South African rainbow colours for the black, red and gold of Germany when they leave on their respective exchange programmes.

Kgomotso Mojahi and Moleboheng Ramoetsana from Tsoseletso High School in Bloemfontein will have the privilege of travelling to Germany.

Mojahi, a grade 11 learner, was selected to attend a German language course at the Goethe Language Institute in München, Germany with three other learners from South Africa. The "star learner" (should have achieved a prescribed level of German tuition), was the top achiever in her class in German last year and thus was chosen to go abroad from 14 June to 7 July.
Ramoetsana will be travelling to Nienburg in Germany as part of the Friends of South Africa (FSA) Youth Exchange programme, where she will stay with the Schubert family for one month.

Twenty five learners from the school have had the opportunity to travel to Germany thanks to the FSA exchange programme.
When Courant caught up with the two, they were ‘nervously excited’ about the opportunity to not only fly, but also leave the country for the first time.

Ramoetsana, who likes writing and singing in her free time, told Courant that she is excited, but yet nervous about the prospects of having to travel to an unfamiliar country. "I would like to learn more about the other country, nation and culture, but I’m very nervous about my new family and how they will treat me," she says.

Mojahi in turn told us that she is more than ready for the challenges that wait in Germany. "I hope to speak a better and fluent German when I return. I want to travel around and get to know people. I am more than ready for the challenges, although I am quite nervous about making new friends." says Mojahi.

Both of them will have the opportunity to not only learn in class, but to also travel and learn about the school systems, family life and culture of the Germans.

Elna van Rensburg, their German teacher at the school, emphasised the benefits of the respective exchange programmes.
"You can see from the past how pupils matured abroad. It is really cost effective because you cannot buy the experience in any other way," says van Rensburg.

Tsoseletso will also host learners as part of the exchange programme during this period.