Bfn fencer wants to groom future Olympians

David Abdelmalak

Ranked number seven in the world (2016) for fencing, 23-year-old David Abdelmalak, who was born in Cairo, Egypt, has made the City of Roses his home and is determined to groom future Olympians.

Abdelmalak, who is head coach for Modern Pentathlon at the SA Modern Pentathlon Association (Sampa) and a private fencing coach, has opened David Abdelmalak Schools in September 2019 to help athletes develop new skills and become champions.

Abdelmalak was the national team’s coach for modern pentathlon in Egypt in 2017 and has had big love for sports and pentathlon in particular from a tender age. His goal is to educate Bloemfontein and the whole of South Africa about this sport. “I want to educate people about pentathlon to give them the great opportunities I received when I was young. Pentathlon is an unknown sport in South Africa and it’s my dream to get a lot of people involved in it and make the sport grow,” Abdelmalak said.

After attending athletic and swimming competitions in Bloemfontein, Abdelmalak saw that “the children are very talented and that they have a lot of potential.”

Modern pentathlon is an Olympic sport that consists of fencing, freestyle swimming, pistol shooting, running and equestrian show jumping. Athletes gain points for their performance in each event and scores are combined to give the overall total. Athletes under the age of 18 do not have to do the show jumping. There are different sports that fall under modern pentathlon and that can be done separately, like biathle, triathle and laser run.

The academy has different membership options like pentathlon, fencing and laser run and athletes can choose which sport they want to participate in. According to Abdelmalak the academy offers different training programmes according athletes’ desires and which level they want to compete in. “Each athlete has a unique programme that is compiled by the coaches, which makes participation in the sport easy for everyone.”

Information about the academy is on most social media platforms like Instagram (@davidabdelmalak) and Facebook (@davidabdelmalak). Contact them by email on for any information or via WhatsApp at +20 111- 051-2718.

The academy will also host a camp on 24 November 2019 at Hoërskool Sentraal and anyone who is interested can join.