Bfn duo hitting waves

Stino Le Thwenny. Photo: Fifteen27 Productions.

The Bfn-based duo, Castino and Thwenny, who go by the name StinoLeThwenny, have released a music video of their song “Tsele” with Kwesta.

They said the music video was captured in a way to explain the song. “The song sounds like a movie score; the director opted for an artistic video to broaden the meaning of the song. Not all negative words are negative.”

Castino said the title of the song could have been anything, but ‘Tsele’ had a ring to it as people would know they are talking about them. “The song could have been named anything else, but it was only right that we called it “Tsele”. It is like when someone says “Tsele”, they already know they are talking about us.”

Both Castino and Thwenny have been making music individually since their high school days. They met in 2014 and started making music together around 2015.

What made Thwenny go into music was the stars he looked up to when growing up, stars like Msawawa and Lil Bow Wow, and the way music made him feel. He said the music they make, can uplift the moods of people.

Castino added, “I would like to believe I do not talk a lot, so I figured my chance to say what is on my mind is through music. Since I realised we could make beautiful music, we have never stopped.” “I would be in advertising/ sales or podcasting/ radio if I was not making music,” Thwenny explained, while Castino thought he was going to be a soccer player growing up. He also thought of becoming a policeman but his love for music was too evident.

What pushes the due through moments of doubts is the support system they have and how people look forward to their success. “Another thing that pushes us through moments of doubt is the fact that this is all we want. We do not want to do anything else but make music, so it has to work even though, unfortunately, we have to move mountains for it to work.”

The two ambitious musicians are adamant that the future holds nothing but greater heights, more number-one hits, great consistency and the dream of their music going international coming true. When asked about their advice for other young people, they said people must be authentic and real. “Have an identity, be memorable and believable. Stay true to who you are and stick to the plan.”

Corn Koteli