Bfn businessman murdered at home

Farmer and businessman Lucas Mokoena
The family of the 45-year-old farmer and businessman Lucas Mokoena is still in disbelief following news that one of their own was allegedly shot and killed at his home in Fichardtpark, Bloemfontein, last night.

The brother to the deceased, Motseki Mokoena, confirmed to OFM News that his brother was murdered but stated that he would not be able to provide more information as he has been instructed by the police to not say much as investigations are ongoing.

A police official also confirmed the murder but asked to be given space to investigate further, take more statements, and that they will issue an official statement later.

At this stage it remains unknown whether or not more people were shot or whether there were witnesses to the killing at his home, as well as what time the alleged murder may have happened.

Olebogeng Motse reported as the OFM News team arrived at the scene:

Meanwhile, OFM News spoke to Mokoena’s neighbours who said that he was a quiet man, who mostly kept to himself but was always friendly and maintained a cordial relationship with his neighbours.

One of the neighbours, Zack Lechoano, who is a relative of Seipati Lechoano, who was also found dead in her car’s boot last year in December, said he is saddened by this news as Mokoena was a kind man.

“He used to promise to bring me a sheep at a lower price than what was offered on the market and my grandkids used to play with his children in his yard… It’s such a sad thing that’s happened here,” Lechoano said.

He said at this stage those like him who live in the neighbourhood are speculating as to what the motive for the murder might have been. He also stated that he hopes that the murderers in Mokoena’s case are found and brought to the book, unlike with his relative Seipati’s case, which is in limbo at the moment as police are yet to make arrests.

“This murder was a wake -up call for all of us. A reminder that none of us are really ever safe and that at any given moment it can happen to any one of us,” Lechoano said.