Bfn businesses refocus during lockdown

Anri Powell

As South Africa saddles up to go into a 21-day lockdown period in order to curb the spread of Covid-19, small businesses from all ends of the country are starting to feel the pinch. Moving into a very uncertain period for business owners, Bloemfontein Courant sat down with a few businesses in the area to hear what their plans are going

Owner of ACE Models Bloemfontein, Anri Powell, said the most terrifying thing for her at this stage is that if one does not give a service then you cannot expect to be paid. Also, the uncertainty of will it just be three weeks and no longer. Powell added, however, the positive side for her is that she gets to think outside the box and push herself to be proactive during this time. Her plans for her business include online classes and challenges for her models that will be shared via WhatsApp. “My advice to other business owners is to stay positive. We are all in this together. Make a daily plan for yourself. Mine includes a bit of
admin, family time, me time and reading.”

Anri Powell

The owner of Random Modelling Agency and School, Beauchachia Hurst, told Bloemfontein Courant she has a modelling agency and they are dependent on other small businesses to render their service. “This is definitely one of the hardest seasons coming up but we still trust God; He knows what’s best.”

Beauchachia Hurst

Managing director of Phoenix Productions, Mario Lategan, said that his business also struggles as events have been cancelled but he sees this as a good time to plan new things and to be creative so that when this is over one can hit the ground running. “During this time I think we can now do things that we do not normally get to and to just be grateful for what and who we have.”

Mario Lategan

Sizakhele Chabangu, who has a nail and make-up business from home, explained that this whole period has affected her business negatively as people have stopped coming even before the lockdown. “The fear of getting the virus has been one of the main reasons why  people have not been coming.”

Sizakhele Chabangu

Owners of the Kotzé Art Gallery, Floris and Anine Kotzé, said that now is not the time to just focus on yourself. They added that now is the time to help where you can because the need is so great and it is important for every business owner to plough back into the community more than ever before.

Another business owner, Rebecca Molefe who does nails in Bloemplaza, said her fear is that she has accounts, insurance payments and a family to look after with the money that she makes on a daily basis.

Rebecca Molefe

Anathi Nonxuba, better known to Bloemfontein residents as The Muffin King, told Bloemfontein Courant that one of most terrifying things for him as a small business owner is the fact he will not have an income for 21 days. “During this time, I will keep on advertising via social media for people to know that I will till be operating after the lockdown in hopes that I will have orders lined up.

Anathi Nonxuba

Sazly Hartzenberg