Bfn Bowls Club invites Bfn to Business League Tournament


In an effort to revive the monumental Bloemfontein Bowls Club, which faces a threat of closing down due to finances, the Club management is inviting all corporates in Bloemfontein to their Business League tournaments.

Companies will battle it out on the greens in a bid to win the Club’s tournament, every day from the 25th of January until the 15th of February. In an earlier interview with Bloemfontein Courant, long-time club members, Bernard Kitching and Ingrid Corrigan, said that the tournament would be one of the few ways and new activities the Club aims to implement to stimulate and rejuvenate activity at the club, particularly among younger audiences as bowls is often misconstrued to be a sport for the elderly. The duo promises that all interested parties will walk away with a shift in perspective and a light sweat from playing the sport.

“It will be a great opportunity for companies looking for new team building activities for their employees to participate in,” Corrigan said. Interested corporates need not worry about not having any knowledge nor experience about the game as the Club will provide training within this regard. Refreshments and meals will also be sold at the venue. Apart from bringing flat or informal shoes, teams will need to pay R480, which will allow them to partake in the tournament over a period of four weeks. The tournament will kick off every Thursday during the stated dates from 17:00, or as soon as possible thereafter. Those interested in participating in the tournament are encouraged call André van den Berg at 072-405-5463. Alternatively, Russell Nielson can be reached on 076-396-2947.