Bfn bachelor ready to find love on TV

Ruan Meyer

The month of love is coming up and Ruan Meyer (26), born and bred in Bloemfontein, has gone above and beyond to find his true love.

Meyer is one of the entrants for the M-Net show, The Bachelorette SA, which is making its debut in a first ever season on 11 February 2020, with Qiniso Van Damme as focal point. M-Net has announced a line-up of suitors who will be vying for her heart.

Meyer, who is a part-time architecture student in the process of starting up a design and construction company, told Bloemfontein Courant that he has entered The Bachelorette SA because he often finds himself seeking for something more – whether it’s love, companionship or just a crazy experience – and going on The Bachelorette SA could possibly give him all of that.

Qiniso van Damme

He entered the show in August 2020 and admitted his self-confidence is usually like a roller coaster. Being part of this show will definitely cause it to fluctuate.

When asked whether he is ready for the limelight and public attention, Meyer said, “Going on The Bachelorette SA is like going skydiving for the first time. You’ve seen people do it before and it’s an insane experience you’ll remember forever. You’re essentially jumping out of a plane, but here you are putting yourself out there for Qiniso and the world to see.

“This is scary. You have no idea what to expect. There are a lot of risks involved because, worst case scenario: you end up hurt. On the other hand, however, you can free fall gracefully, land on the ground and be like: ‘damn, it worked out’. I am prepared to put myself out there and I’m hoping to land on the ground in one piece.”

Meyer is ready to grace the screens of South Africa and is prepared for what the show has to offer. He added that he usually looks out for people who tend to force their expectations on you and when you don’t meet their expectations, you’re met with judgement which can break you down. He is ready for companionship and looks forward to the show and what it has to offer.

Watch the first episode and support the Bloemfontein ‘boytjie’ on Thursday, February 11 at 19:30 on M-Net.

Heidre Malgas