Bfn author shines light on financial freedom

Vuyo November PHOTO: Casalena Studies

The 20-year-old author of The Rat Race: Escaping Life’s Financial Trap, Vuyo November, sees books as a tool that could be used to impact lives, which is his mission.

The Bloemfontein resident said his recently published book was inspired by the concept of “the rat race”, which he refers to as life’s financial trap.

He explained that writing a book was something he paid little attention to before, although he always had a dream of writing one. “I think at my age I have a lot to prove to myself, my family, my business partners or whoever I come into contact with, especially because of what I seek to achieve in my life.”

Writing books, he believes, is a part of the person he wants to become, so he asked himself the following question: “Why wait if I can start now?”

He added, “Growing up the way I did and with such a supportive family, played a huge role in being an author as well as becoming an entrepreneur. I could give you countless examples of where they pushed me and helped me chase my dreams.”

Vuyo’s highest qualification is NSC with a bachelor’s admission. He believes education can come from anywhere as long as one seeks it. He also has a company by the name of Casalena Group, which he explained is a corporate group on a mission to help accelerate the growth of the African economy.

Vuyo has an interest in anything to do with Innovation and technology. “I am going to get into coding early next year. I believe that and artificial intelligence will be the skills of the future and that is something I’d advise many people to learn.”

Corn Koteli