Bfn agents to assist sellers in eastern parts

From the left are Bennie van der Merwe (Principal of Edric Trust and Chairman of Multi Listing Services Bfn), Dawid Myengeza (GWK), Dimitri A. Carson (Edric Trust) and Woodridge Taylor (Edric Trust) on the day they signed an agreement that MLS.

Property owners in eastern parts of Bloemfontein will soon be receiving the same services that have been provided to the rest of the areas in the city with regards to the selling and buying of properties.

This comes after a MLS/Heidedal concord was formed by three individuals in the industry, Dimitri Carson, Dawid Myengeza and Woodridge Taylor. They plan to give sellers in the eastern parts the same professional attention that is provided to those living in the rest of Bloemfontein.

They form part of an institution called Multi Listing Services (MLS), which is a combination of smaller real estate agencies where there are only a principal and two or three agents working together to sell mainly residential properties.

According to estate agent Dimitri Carson, what MLS tries to do for buyers and sellers, is to speed up the process. “We are about a 100 agents in a WhatsApp group and nine times out of ten, if someone posts a listing, one of us already has a buyer for that property.”

The agents will be doing this with the help of Yolandi Bezuidenhout from Betterbond, who said she handles the whole process of going to all the banks to secure a home loan for the client. “We give our clients up to four quotations when they want to buy, in order for them to make an informed decision.” Carson said this will be the first time that a dedicated group of agents will be giving the same attention to that side of town.

Dawid Myengeza added that the values of those properties are high and with the services that they will be providing, buyers will be able to see the value of the actual property that has been overlooked due to where the property is situated.

For more information, Dimitri Carson can be contacted on 078 638 1661.

Sazly Hartzenberg