Bfn ‘advocate’ fakes qualification


A well-known Bloemfontein legal representative, Ruwaida Edith Henney, has been found guilty of fraud.

OFM News reports that this, after it has been discovered from the Director of Law Society that Henney has never been registered as a candidate attorney or admitted as an attorney.

The Hawks’ Christopher Singo confirms she was was convicted on a charge of fraud and sentenced to 36 months correctional supervision, and further 36 months suspended sentence for five years on condition that she is not convicted of fraud or forgery during the period of suspension.

Singo in a statement explains how the Bloemfontein Magistrate’s Court also ruled that Henney’s name be struck off the Advocates’ roll as she fabricated documents that confirmed she had right of appearance and was thus admitted as an attorney.

“It is alleged that during April 2018 the complainant who is employed as Senior Magistrate at Magistrate Court in Bloemfontein approached the accused and ask whether she would be interested in an acting Magistrate Court, and upon her willingness she was requested to submit her CV together with a completed form.

On the basis of the information on her CV and accompanying application form the accused was recommended and appointed as an Acting Magistrate. The accused was initially requested to provide proof of her admittance as an attorney and was again requested at the end of July 2018. An email dated 25 July 2018 that was purportedly written by the Law Society was sent by the accused in this regard” said Singo.