Bester co-accused resigns from G4S

PHOTO: Lucky Nkuyane

There has been yet another twist of events in the Thabo Bester escape case.

Motanyane John (Buti) Masukela, who was denied bail recently, has since tendered his resignation from the British security company G4S.

Masukela was suspended by G4S when Bester made his escape from the Broadway prison block on 3 May 2022, and was set to undergo a disciplinary process.

It is understood that in his resignation letter, Masukela said his resignation from the company will not prejudice him. He was arrested on 18 April 2023 for allegedly aiding and abetting Bester’s escape.

It is alleged that Masukela, who was on duty at the gate that day, failed to search the vehicle of another accused, Senohe Matsoara, in which the murdered Katlego Bereng’s body was hidden in a bag. Masukela also allegedly assisted Matsoara in offloading the body inside a workshop. The body was later put inside a trolley bin and taken by another accused, Teboho James Lipholo, to the block where Bester was kept. Two further accused, Nastassja Jansen and Tieho Frans Makhotsa, who were operators in the control room, were also implicated in not following procedure.

Bereng’s body was allegedly claimed from the National Hospital’s mortuary by Bester’s girlfriend, Dr Nandipha Magudumana, with the help of another accused, Zanda Moyo. It is alleged that the body was used as a decoy to break Bester out of prison.

After his escape, Bester allegedly lived in luxury in Johannesburg, before being arrested along with Magudumana in Tanzania in April.

The case against all the accused was postponed until 20 June 2023. The police have not ruled out more arrests and it is understood that three more people could be arrested for aiding and abetting Bester to escape. So far, nine people have been arrested, with two suspects released on bail.

OFM News/ Lucky Nkuyane