Become the next “Imbokodo”

The South African women's Sevens squad. SA Rugby is calling on all fit and athletic women in South Africa who have an interest in rugby to attended the various open days. This weekend the trials will take place at the CUT Rugby Stadium in Bloemfontein. PHOTO: SA RUGBY

The South African Rugby Union has called on all aspiring women’s sevens rugby players in the Free State to come and test their mettle on Saturday in Bloemfontein.

SA Rugby are attempting the expanded the player pool in South Africa and currently with a project which is loosely based on television shows such as Idols, where contested or athletes will undergo various rugby related tests. All athletes from any sporting code are welcome to attend these trials, and is not necessary to have a rugby background or experience.

The trials in Bloemfontein will take place at the CUT Rugby Stadium on Saturday morning, and it will be run by the former Blitzbok and now national coach, Paul Delport. The SA Rugby High Performance Manager, Marius Schoeman, as well as, other support staff will be running the open day as well.

During the two previous open days held in Stellenbosch and in Pretoria, martial arts specialists, runners, hockey players, cross-fitters, wrestlers, netball players, hockey players and many more tried out.

Those interested can either visit the website or send details to

Imbokodo is a Zulu term which translates to ‘if you strike a woman, you strike a rock’, and represents the resilience and courage shown by women in general, and the Springbok Women’s Sevens as they take on the world’s best teams. – MORGAN PIEK