Beauty products that give back to the community

Gabrielle Jordaan and Julian van Wyk

Gabrielle Jordaan has stepped out of her comfort zone and brought her dream to life by establishing her company Crystal Glam, which provides products that are not only beneficial to your hair but to the community as well.

Jordaan told Bloemfontein Courant that she established the Iniko Black Foundation under her own company, Crystal Glam, to dramatically improve people’s lives. “A percentage of my company’s profits goes towards the foundation, which funds young girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing scholarships,” said Jordaan.

Jordaan, who is a lawyer by profession, pursued her dream and established the company in September 2019. “I am the sole owner of Crystal Glam and wanted to educate myself on the beauty industry, so I did a short course in somatology, however, at that time I did not have a clear vision for the business yet and what exactly I wanted to achieve with it,” she said.

According to her, the main vision is not only to empower young girls but also to empower other young entrepreneurs in their respective businesses. “This so that we can work together to have an even greater impact on our community.”

Jordaan has partnered with well-known local hairstylist, Julian van Wyk, who, she said, is well versed on anything hair-related. The hair products are said to be sulphate-free, paraben-free and silicon-free. “They are 100% organic, so they’re not only good for your hair and your skin but good for the environment. Not only do our customers buy the products, but they feel they are contributing towards something meaningful,” said Jordaan.

Jordaan and Van Wyk have plans to expand on their hair products and Crystal Glam into the beauty and fashion industry. “I would like to partner with other small businesses in the various ventures. Supporting local business has numerous benefits but the most obvious reasons for me is job creation in your community, people putting money back in the very place they call home, giving our local economy an opportunity to thrive,” she concluded.
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Pierce van Heerden