Beat school holiday frustration


New research from 1st for Women has found that while many of the moms surveyed feel positive about school holidays, those with teenagers and small children under three years old have feelings of frustration and worry when the school holidays come around.

The following few tips might help:

  • Boredom isn’t a bad thing – did you know there are real benefits to being bored? It can boost creativity, make you more goal-orientated and more productive. A couple days of being bored is scientifically good for them.
  • Teach them a skill – yes, these could very well be chores, but kids will benefit from learning useful things that will help them in life later.  Teaching them to cook, do repairs around the house and even some gardening will keep them busy and help you out.
  • Give back and pay it forward – getting your kids to do some volunteer work or helping out with a charitable cause is a good way to teach them to give back and make a difference in someone’s life. It will teach them compassion, empathy and understanding. Find a volunteer programme linked to something they like which aligns with your working hours and sign them up.
  • Make the most out of weekends – if you are a working mom and cannot take too much annual leave, rather opt for a long-weekend and make the most of it. Try to accommodate your kids with the activities they are really keen on. Use the time to really connect with your kids.

• Motivate your company that you work from home – it may not be company policy but there is no harm in motivating to your employer to allow you to work from home over some days during the holidays.