If you instil discipline in children at a tender age they will grow up with it.

As part of the Adopt-a-Cop project, focusing on the message of “Crime Does not Pay”, the SAPS visited two primary schools in Springfontein on Wednesday.
The aim was to teach them about crime and help them identify the wrong that is happening in their community, as well as to guide them on what to do if they find themselves in the same situation.

The Springfontien Police joined by their youth desk and Siyaqoba Youth group and Correctional Services addressed the grade R to grade 7 pupils about the consequences of getting involved in crime.

The Adop-a-Cop Constable Mojalefa Chabalala said that the little minds should listen to older people and obey their parents and teachers. “If you do so, your future will be bright but if you fail to listen and do wrong, who knows where you will end up, either in jail or dead,” he said.

Former prisoner, Moses Taimane, also encouraged the kids to choose friends wisely. “When you see that your friends are doing something wrong, stop them, or tell an older person if they don’t want to listen to you,” he said.

“Don’t end up in jail like I did”, was the message from Taimane. He added that time doesn’t wait for anyone and if you go to jail your life is placed on hold.

The SAPS youth desk performed a play for the children, which showed that indeed crime doesn’t pay, it only messes up your life and future.