Be curious and talk to a stranger

A previous ASK session hosted by Stranger Kind in Cape Town. PHOTO: Facebook.

A Stranger Kind will be hosting ASK at the Main Atrium in Mimosa Mall tomorrow (30/07) from 10:00.

ASK is a platform where strangers can meet interesting people, have one-on-one conversations, ask questions, learn new things, be curious and be inspired by others.

It also aims to promote curiosity, diversity, kindness and understanding by creating spaces for conversations between strangers where questions can be ASKed and answered.

According to A Stranger Kind’s founder Madi van Schalkwyk, there will be various topics and time slots between 10:00 and 14:00 to choose from and those who come will sit down with a volunteer in a one-on-one conversation about their topic of choice for an hour where you can literally ask them anything. “If you don’t know what to ask, our volunteers will prompt the conversation,” she said.

She also said that there will be a range of topics people can choose and some of them include a conversation with someone living with cerebral palsy, a domestic abuse survive that is changing her career at 60 or even someone living with rare diseases. This will be the ideal opportunity for people to ask questions you never thought of asking.

Each session will run for about an hour and are free and open to all.

Follow them on social media @astrangerkind for more info.

Justine Fortuin