Be a soldier and complete the OCR

Participants during a previous event PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Members of the public are invited to come and spend a few hours in the shoes of a soldier, taking part in the Special Ops Obstacle Course Race (OCR) which was first launched in November 2016.

The race has a military theme and the obstacles are built on military design. It consists of three categories: Corporal, Sergeant and Sergeant Elite and will challenge participants’ strength, diligence and perseverance.

The Corporal category consists of a 5-km race as well as 22 obstacles you will need to complete. It is considered as a fun category to complete. The Sergeant is a challenging race which consists of a 10-km run with 38 obstacles, and the final category, Sergeant Elite, is a competitive category consisting of a 10-km run as well as 38 obstacles and these participants will be the first ones to start.

If participants feel they cannot do an obstacle, there will be a burpee penalty. However, Sergeant Elite competitors have to complete all the obstacles to qualify for prize money and podium spots. If you skip/cannot do an obstacle, you forfeit your position.

If you wish to compete in a team, you can do so by entering the relay team event. The team must consist of five members. The run will consist of a 5-km team relay and 22 obstacles.

If you wish to enter, entries must be done online at and for any payment and entry queries, send an email to

No cooler bags are allowed since there will be food stalls and beverages to buy from on the grounds. Spectators are allowed at R30 per person and children under the age of three years enter for free.

Come and enjoy this challenging event at Sunset River Resort on Saturday 6 October. Registration will take place from 06:00 – 08:00.
Be a soldier! – Jeretha Oosthuizen