Batho residents burn tyres, block road

Angry residents blockaded the main road in the Batho. Photo: Mark Steenbok

Angry residents blockaded the main road in the Batho, Bloemfontein, with rocks and burning tyres on Wednesday morning.

The residents were protesting for jobs saying the municipality has a preference of overlooking them when it comes to job creation in the area.

Local resident, Peter Nthebe, says they are protesting against a recent project to pave a street in which only three locals were hired while the bulk of the people involved in the job are from other provinces.

“Even the police understand what we are fighting for here. We are protesting because the councillor doesn’t want to listen to us,” says Nthebe.

Meanwhile, community member Madikoti Khobotli says some residents are divided about the protest which occurred this morning.

“They are still going to hire people because they haven’t started with the hiring process yet. People must just be understanding and patient. I don’t understand what they are fighting for,” she says.

The angry crowd dispersed and police are on the scene monitoring the situation. No arrests were made during the protest.

Moeketsi Mogotsi/Courant News