Bakkie drives into family home

the family spent the whole of Saturday morning waiting for police to arrive and pound the vehicle which ravaged their home so they could begin making plans to close the hole caused by the vehicle in the wall of their lounge. Credit: Pulane Choane

A Heidedal family had the fright of their life when they were woken up by a loud bang in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Nicolette Taaibosch and her family of Dr Belcher Road in Heidedal, initially thought that the noise came from a car accident outside, since the road is notorious for its regular car accidents. But upon further investigation, they found a white bakkie parked in the middle of their living room. Looking further into the matter, Taaibosch and her neighbours found a broken beer bottle in the vehicle as they inspected it for clues. They also found a wallet of the car driver of the vehicle, with his licence inside it. Among other items found in the vehicle were a few building plans, which led the Taaibosch family to suspect that the vehicle belongs to a construction company.

As the vehicle drove right into the Taaibosch residence, the family’s entire lounge area, including the television and other furniture items, were completely destroyed. Credit: Pulane Choane

Taaibosh said that it was by God’s grace that they went to sleep early as she cannot imagine what would have happened had they been sitting on the lounge watching TV.

She said the experience was surreal and she could hardly believe this incident had happened to her. “These are things I normally see on TV or far away and I never thought this would happen to me.” Her main concern is who will fix the gaping hole in the wall left by the accident.

Marie Roules, a neighbour of Taaibosch’s who witnessed the accident, said two men ran away from the scene almost immediately after driving into the house. Roules was unable to tell their identity but says they spoke in Sesotho as they ran past her.

According to her the police came and took the wallet of the driver, which had the driver’s licence and details in it.

A broken gate, cracked walls as well as a gaping hole in the lounge area are among some of the damages the Taaibosch family incurred with the accident. Regardless of all this, they are grateful to have escaped unscathed from the incident. Credit: Pulane Choane

“The bakkie went into the house with a loud bang. It almost sounded as if a powerful bomb has just gone off. It woke up my father, who was extremely shcoked,” said Roules. Meanwhile, police spokesperson, Ikobeng Hlubi, said she was unaware of the incident and requested time to look into it. Further details will be posted in a follow up story.

Pulane Choane