Back to drawing board for Bloemfontein movie

Crew members of Pik en Graaf, together with members of the Heidedal community at the screening of the film held at Daisy's Pot Florist & Coffee Shop.

After four years of shooting the locally produced movie Pik en Graaf without any budget whatsoever, the movie was finally screened in the Norman Doubell Hall in Heidedal last weekend.
Abigail Visagie, Head of Communications for Just Faith Productions, said she is happy with what the team has achieved in spite of a lack of resources, equipment and money.
“The outcome of the movie was great, people were pleased and I truly believe that they enjoyed the show,” said Visagie.Although Heidedal’s first full-length movie received a lot on praise on social media and elsewhere, the writer and director of the project, Vincent “Chicco” de Koker, said it is time to head back to the drawing board for everyone involved in the production. De Koker said he wants to improve the quality of the movie, which tells the story of unemployment and crime in Heidedal.

Writer and Director of Pik en Graaf, Vincent de Koker and SA Man of the Year 2016/2017, Gustav Wilson

“There were a few people who did not understand the story line so well, so we are going to improve and add some scenes to make the movie better.” said De Koker.
De Koker, who is an establish actor in his own right, has a few lead roles in major TV productions under his belt, like the prime time TV series Majakatata on SABC2.
De Koker said to help them in their efforts to improve the quality of the movie, the cast and crew will be visiting different film festivals this year.
Just Faith Productions is also planning a tour around the Free State and other provinces. “We have various schools around the province that approached us with the request of taking Pik en Graaf to schools,” said Visagie.
During the premiere of the movie in Heidedal last week, De Koker told local community leaders and business people that the movie is special to him because it was written, produced, shot and edited in Heidedal.
“It is something that our community can really be proud of. The full cast and crew are from Heidedal and the movie was shot in Heidedal in its entirety,” said De Koker.
Heidedal community leader, Gustav Wilson, who is also the current SA Man of the Year, said during the premiere that the cast en crew of Pik en Graaf deserve a huge pat on the back.
“With a zero budget and no access to resources, they have produced a movie that we could all be proud of. They have also created jobs for many actors and actresses and turned ordinary Heidedallers into movie stars,” said Wilson.

Pierce van Heerden