Awareness created for festive road-users


Duane Petrus – Efforts are being put in place to ensure that holiday-goers who will be flocking to the country’s national roads will do their part to ensure that accidents during the festive season are kept minimal.
The Shell Ultra City filling station in Bloemfontein was recently used to create awareness amongst motorists travelling through the city to their holiday destinations.
Plenty of travellers make use of the filling station as a place to rest and fill up their tanks.
The SAPS, fire brigade and emergency medical services were amongst the role-players contributing to the Life Rosepark Hospital Shell Ultra City Road Safety Project 2013.
"There are definitely more patients being admitted to hospitals as a result of road accidents during the festive season," said Hein Rossouw, Life Ropepark Hospital’s manager.
Rossouw said the injuries are not necessarily more serious during this time of the year compared to other periods, besides the fact that there is usually a tremendous increase.
He added that the amount of chain accidents also tend to increase during the festive season.
They handed road users making use of the filling station hampers and pamphlets with information on how they can contribute to a reduced number of collisions.
This includes basic information like fastening seatbelts, checking tyres, getting enough rest and making sure to adhere to all laws of the road.
The director of Road Safety and Capacity building, Elias Sease, says many road users are aware of the rules of the road, but some still fail to adhere to these.
Sease says this often leads to accidents during this crucial time.
He added that says many road users are still reckless and negligent, although there are those who do contribute positively to reduce accidents on the roads.
"We want to wish the country a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, however we will all arrive alive only if we do our part by contributing to saving lives and avoiding unnecessary accidents," Sease said.
He added that awareness campaigns like these helps to remind travellers about the importance of adhering to the laws, which will in turn decrease the number of fatalities on the roads.