Aurora tackle taxi industry

Mark Steenbok

The SANCA Aurora Alcohol and Drug Centre started their drug awarness week today, by targeting the taxi industry with the intention of making people aware of the dangers of drug abuse.

Staff from Aurora and members of the Greater Bloemfontein Taxi Association today went to different taxi ranks in Bloemfontein to hand out bumper stickers, round pins, pamphlets and armbands to help raise awareness.

Gert Kruger, the director at Aurora, told Courant that South Africa is a country battling with substance abuse and he hopes through this awareness campaign they can compound the problem.

“We want the taxi industry to help us raise awareness. Every drop in the bucket helps with getting the message across,” says Kruger.

Another interesting challenge Aurora has implemented will be to challenge the community to quit one habit for one week. That means if you have a habit of eating sugar, smoking, lying or cheating – then don’t do it for a week. The point behind it is to show how difficult it is to change a life style.

The International Day against Substance abuse and illicit trafficking and the United Nations is on Friday (26 June). The theme this year will be: Let’s Develop Our Lives, Our Community and Our Identities without Drugs.