ASA rule on PJ Powers alcohol advertisment

Mark Steenbok

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa today imposed no additional sanctions on SPAR. This comes after Yvonne Johnston, manager of the World in Union musician PJ Powers, lodged a complaint in relation to a poster that was placed at Tops SPAR outlets during June 2015 with the headline: GRAB A DRINK AND SHOW OFF THOSE PJ POWERS”.

The Directorate of ASA agreed that the association of her name with advertising for alcoholic beverages goes directly to a particular sensitivity, and reduces the battle for sobriety to a marketing stunt to gain commercial traction.

The advertisement was further ruled to be in violation of Clause 11 of section II, although no further sanctions will be taken on Spar on the understanding that they will ensure that they seek not to undermine the ruling of ASA.

Johnston told Courant that they not overly satisfied with the ruling.

"Spar told ASA that they will take down the advertisements, then they will not be sanctioned further. That is what I find unsatisfactory, because the campaign was only supposed to run until June and it is still up across the country. If Spar’s apology was real then they would’ve taken the campaign down long ago," said Johnston.

Johnston further said that they will await the response of their lawyers, to see what further steps they will take.