Arts programme open to young creatives

Hard copy applications for the Public Art Programme can be delivered to Oliewenhuis Art Museum by 4 November 2020. PHOTO: FACEBOOK

Oliewenhuis Art Museum, in partnership with the Office of the Presidency and Department of Sport, Arts & Culture, is making a call to young creatives to apply for the Public Arts Programme for a period of two months.

The programme seeks to popularize national symbols to create national pride about the transformative elements through this dedicated programme.

The programme consists of art murals, performance public art and multimedia expressions. The programme will also raise awareness on social ills such as gender-based violence and on prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Young people from the fields of public administration, public relations, social media and project management are also encouraged to apply.

The beautification of community spaces will be done through this programme to instil community pride and create a sense of place. These beautified spaces can become sites of attraction for local tourism and contribute to the development of creative cities, towns and places of interest at locales spanning both rural and urban areas.

It is anticipated that the Public Arts will provide skills transfer and employment for visual artists, performing arts and the Programme Support Services. The programme will make young people to be active participants in community development and nation-building initiatives of government.

During the two months a monthly stipend and work orientation sessions will be provided by an implementing agent. Young people with disabilities are also encouraged to apply.

People between the ages of 18 and 35 years who have skills, qualifications or experience in creative arts, culture and heritage are requested to email a summarised copy of their CV; certified copies of their qualifications; and images of 5 of their artworks in jpeg, or A4-size paper in colour to while hard copies, clearly marked Public Art Programme, can be delivered to Oliewenhuis Art Museum.

Closing date is 4 November 2020.

Nomaqhawe Mtebele