Artists’ hub for Bloemfontein

Founders of Phoenix Productions, Cézanne Yzelle and Mario Lategan Photo: Flaming Fire Photography/Willem Janse van Vuuren

Artists, the same as entrepreneurs, have a product or idea to sell and they need to get out into the marketplace.

Luckily for Bloemfontein artists, newly established Phoenix Production House and Artist Management is all an artist needs to build a successful career. The production house aims to be the one-stop service provider that brings together coordinators and artists to support them in their ventures and to add value to events.

According to Mario Lategan, managing director the company, they provide pension funds, medical aid and UIF for artists. They have also found a company which will handle the insurance of their artists. “You can insure your voice and your fingers or your hands if you are playing an instrument,” said Lategan.

According to Lategan the company is called Phoenix because the sky is the limit. “We want to go big, we want to create this artist hub here in Bloemfontein. Most other businesses have some sort of association they can belong to and we don’t have that for artists here in Bloemfontein, so we have created this platform for artists.”

Phoenix Productions creates a comprehensive and sustainable platform that develops and supports artists by investing in artists through training, mentoring, technical finishing and management to develop into a professional product. Founders include Mario Lategan and Cezanne Yzelle and on the technical side Roelof Botha. Phoenix Productions was officially launched on 11 July 2019 at a lavish event at Coco C.

For more information call or email them at the 071-410-8629, or visit their website on – Pierce van Heerden