Artist engages with viewers through her art

Local artist, Keitumetse Motsie
Pieces with significant meaning behind them, is how local artist, Keitumetse Motsie, describes her artwork. Not only does she live through her art, her desire is to engage her viewers.
Creativity has been flowing through her veins from a tender age and now, at 25-years old, she has caught the attention of many through her conceptual art. According to Motsi, she always tries to make “the viewer suspicious”, this while she wants them to engage with the stories told by her artwork.
Growing up, Motsie’s mother used to enrol her in art programmes, starting as early as kindergarten. “I did not know then it would be something I wanted to explore later on. My real journey began in Grade 10, when I had to choose my subjects. As I was now exposed to the environment of art, I became much more inspired and I became even more eager to learn new techniques and develop as an artist,” said Motsie.
The full-time artist also studies Design and Studio Art as major subjects in her study for her degree in Fine Arts at the Central University of Technology. She is currently in her final year and shared that she has a bigger dream of studying further. “After I have graduated, I also want to enrol for a Postgraduate Senior Certificate next year, after which I will be able to either lecture, or teach.”
Motsie concluded that most importantly, her dream is to make her parents proud as they have played such a huge role in her education and have never stopped believing in her.
To view some of Motsie’s artwork, follow her on Instagram at KiiKii_M, on Facebook at Keitumetse Tumi Motsie or contact her on 060 951 5223.
Pierce van Heerden