Animals still being taken care


Crazy Pets in Bloemfontein has made a great donation to Bloem Animal Rescue and Care (BARC), an organisation which generously helps people living on smallholdings as well as the less fortunate. Hannalize van der Merwe, founder of BARC, told Bloemfontein Courant that long before the lockdown BARC had a feeding programme where animals in less fortunate areas were helped.

“Sometimes we would go into these areas and randomly distribute food, or people in these communities would phone and ask for help,” she said. BARC focuses on giving back to needy animals and also takes care of them.”

Van der Merwe added that during the lockdown the requests for food have become more and more. She said they have sponsored food of 250kg to a ton to the townships. Most of the animals have also received medical care and kennels as many owners cannot afford it at a time like this. BARC has donated food to Heidedal twice and over 200kg of food has already been distributed there.

She said they are still in need of food and blankets, especially now that it is winter. Kennels and any toys will also be highly appreciated. “Since the lockdown, we have helped many animals, more than usual. People from all walks of life have been phoning to ask for help. Food and medical care is the highest on the list of needs. Anyone who would like to donate, can contact Hannalize on 084-402-9901.

Heidre Malgas