And we have a winner!


With this month being Mother’s May, Bloemfontein Courant and Checkers gave children between the ages of 8 and 12 the opportunity to sing their mothers’ praises by writing a 200-word essay. By doing so kids had a chance to win R5000 in Checkers vouchers.

The past couple of weeks Bloemfontein Courant was inundated with entries – the one as good as the other. But unfortunately there can be only one winner.

The sought-after prize of R5000 goes to Christiano Gomes for the heartrending tribute he pays to his mother (see essay below). Congratulations, Christiano, from Bloemfontein Courant and Checkers. Bloemfontein Courant will be in touch with your mother to arrange for the delivery of your prize.

Christiano Gomes wrote:

I love you so,I appreciate everything you have done for me.
I want to say that you are like Super Women.
Thank you for trying do hard for me,you are my amazing Single Mommy.
Thank you also for taking care of our home and pets.
And trying your best Mommy to take us on holidays in December even though sometimes we are just at home,does not matter what we do as long as we together.
And Mommy I must not forget you are my Master Chef,I love your cooking so much,and you bake the best cupcakes
and puddings. The best is when I get to make smoothies with you on the kitchen. My favourite treat is making crumpets with you on a Sunday morning.
Mommy I just want to say all the help with my homework is appreciated, and especially taking me to sports and my modelling class where you sit and wait patiently for me every week it means a lot to me.
And I have a special Poem for you
You are my sunshine
You are my star
You are my ocean,and you are my entire world
You are My beautiful Mommy.