Anchor of Hope: Yet another successful clean-up

The “Wall of Positivity” at the underbridge in Gardenia Park, and the surrounding area was nominated for the clean-up that took place on Saturday, 17 September. These are the before, during and after shots of the area. PHOTOS: Lerato Lebaka

Anchor of Hope once again made a call to community members to take action and do their part for the community via their competition.

The call was for community members to nominate a park, sidewalk, or an old age home in their area for them to clean up or revamp. Local artist Liesel Wessels nominated the “Wall of Positivity” at the underbridge in Gardenia Park, and the surrounding area.

Liesel Wessels and Boeta Swart. PHOTO: Lerato Lebaka
Before. PHOTO: Lerato Lebaka

“It looks 100 times better than it did pre-Saturday. Their contribution was quick and thorough,” she says. Wessels adds that she hopes people will notice the difference and make an effort to not throw their trash there again. “Hopefully this will encourage more community spirit in that specific area.”

She says she would definitely encourage anyone that has an issue with a specific area in Bloemfontein, that is looking beyond shabby, to enter this competition.

After. PHOTO: Lerato Lebaka

“As the founder of Future Bloemfontein, I definitely encourage all citizens to support Anchor of Hope and all their initiatives. Community spirit has a stronger chance to make a difference in our city, than any other policies or political parties. Anchor of Hope is the epitome of what community spirit entails,” concludes Wessels.

If you want to nominate your area, look out for the next competition on www.bloemfonteincourant. in October

Justine Fortuin