ANC says it doesn’t elect people based on family relations

Maphisa Road blocked with refuse after disgruntled ANC members have taken their power struggle to the streets. MARK STEENBOK

The ANC doesn’t elect people on the basis of family relations.

This is according to Paseka Nompondo, the secretary of the ANC in the Motheo Region. His statement comes amid rife allegations that Khosi Mogapi, the candidate for the new councillor for Ward 3 (comprising parts of Dark City, Silver City, Bochabela and Rocklands among others) in Mangaung was elected based on nepotism.

Mogapi is the daughter of Xolo Pongolo, the ward’s current councillor who is also a Mayoral Committee Member (MMC) of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality. This has led to a division within the ANC whereby the opposing faction has shown their frustration by burning tyres and blocking various Mangaung roads with stones and refuse.

Nompondo explains that they cannot tamper Mogapi’s rights as an ANC member because she has a right to stand for an election. He, however, mentions that the party is concerned about the recent events and a team of the ANC’s Regional Executive Committee (REC) was in discussions with the disgruntled members earlier on Wednesday.

“We are appealing to everybody not to be distractive in their approach of voicing their issues. The ANC is a listening organisation and we have listened to the community. We went there on more than three occasions and we have been engaging with the community. At the end democracy must prevail. Democracy means that if we have ruled on three different views, there are those that will have the majority. So the minority must subject themselves to the authority and views of the majority. Finally, the majority’s views must prevail over the views of the minority and that is how we take decisions within the ANC. I can assure you that there are external forces at play in that area. Apart from people who may have certain issues, there are external forces trying to undermine the ANC’s process.”