ANC confirms reinstatement of striking employees



ANC in the Free State confirms that the Metsimaholo Municipality in Sasolburg will retain its expelled striking employees.

According to ANC provincial secretary William Bulwane, they decided to intervene as the Metsimaholo strike was heading to its third month without progress. He said they held a two day meeting on Monday and Tuesday with Cosatu, Samwu, Metsimaholo and Fezile Dabi Municipality District officials. Bulwane explained that a conclusion was reached that Samwu disgruntled members will stop striking and return to work on Wednesday.

He added that the disgruntled employees are categorized in three phases.

“There are about twenty-seven employees that are supposed to go through a disclipnary hearing, we agreed that those employees should undergo that process and if they are found not guilty, should go back to work and if they are guilty they will follow the appeal process. The eighty employees which were expected to be expelled if they didn’t go back to work yesterday, we requested the management to relax a bit and then give them a chance until Friday,” he explained.

Bulwane added that the 174 expelled employees will be taken back even though Metsimaholo has already advertised fifty general workers vacancies. He clarified that expelled employees will be given a chance to apply and be reinstatement.