Ammunition cache found in Brandfort


 DUANE PETRUS – Two men are expected to appear in the Brandfort Magistrate’s Court today in connection with possession of illegal amunition.
This after police seized more than thirteen and a half thousand rounds of ammunition hidden in an old abandoned planter on a farm near Brandfort yesterday morning. A forty-year-old farmer and his seventy-year-old father were arrested.
Free State police spokesperson, Harry Nagel, said some of the rounds were still in their boxes and others were lying loose in the planter but no guns were found.
"During the ongoing investigation the motive and the reason for this will become more clear – whether they were going to use it for something or whether it was just ammunition they had stashed," he said.
He said the two will appear in the Brandfort Magistrate’s Court today on charges of illegal possession of ammunition and failure to keep ammunition in a safe.