Amcu won’t take retrenchments lying down


SABRINA DEAN – Amcu President Joseph Matunjwa has accused Anglo American of being greedy and says the idea of transformation in the mining industry is nothing more than a dream.
Matunjwa was speaking to Bloemfontein Courant about the way forward after the mine announced plans to cut 6 900 jobs and close three operations, including its Khomanani Shaft in Rustenburg.
"Let’s take for example Khomanani, which they want to shut down, workers are saying it is the best performing mine across the Anglo group and they want to shut it down…" he says.
Matunjwa adds that platinum is reaching high prices on the international market. "I don’t see where they are losing money, it is just greed," he says.
Matunjwa says workers are saying to Anglo that if they want to close the mine down, they should rather give it to workers or enter into a joint inititative to with other interested parties in an attempt to save jobs. "They don’t want to do this though," he says.
He says the union cannot take this lying down. "We won’t fold our hands and say Anglo, you can close your business down, not with the levels of unemployemnt in this country," he says.