Allow God to be God

Brenda Myburgh

One of the most powerful pieces in The Bible must be Prov 3 v 5-7. In verse 5 we are told to trust in The Lord with all of our heart and mind. We should not rely on our own insight and understanding.

How many times have we told people that we trust God for our miracle or breakthrough? Then all day long we are thinking of all the things God could do to release the pressure or stress we are experiencing.
Verse 7 warns us not to be wise in our own eyes. How can we hand God the vehicle of our lives, but hold the steering wheel ourselves and direct which way it should go. It is when we can completely let go and trust God to do whatever He feels is right, that we experience true freedom and peace.

We cannot dictate the direction our lives must go if we want to trust God for the right outcome. We have to let go and as in verse 6 recognize and acknowledge Him – then our path will be straight and plain. Only then are we moving in God’s will and not our own.

Be blessed