All roads lead to Nelson Mandela 

Police are looking for a white mini bus taxi that was involved in the hijacking of a delivery truck in Brandwag, Bloemfontein.

Police spokesperson, Chaka Marope, told OFM news the truck driver was attacked by three armed men who forced him into the back of the delivery truck and sped off, with him in it. Marope says they drove a short distance to Leisegang Street, where there was a white mini bus taxi waiting for them. The men offloaded 17 cigarette cartons from the stolen truck, locked the delivery man in the back of the truck, and drove off in the taxi.

No arrests have been made yet, and Marope says the truck driver is unharmed. OFM News earlier reported the incident happened at approximately 08:30 yesterday morning, where the delivery truck was hijacked while the delivery man and a colleague were offloading tobacco to a shop in Brandwag.

OFM News previously reported that, a delivery truck was hijacked in front of a store-owner in Bloemfontein yesterday morning, with the driver of the truck taken as a possible hostage.

The owner of the store in Brandwag, Niloy Mohamed, told OFM News the truck was delivering tobacco products to his store, and while the driver and his female colleague followed Mohamed to his store to make the delivery, the truck driver saw the hijackers approaching the delivery truck.

OFM News/Sazly Hartzenberg